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Fan art « Studio Ghibli »

Why I love Studio Ghibli <3

The characters that exist in Ghibli’s world are breathtakingly weird and amazingly complex. Where else can you see a fish girl who loves ham (Ponyo), or a giant rabbit-like forest creature with a penchant for umbrellas (My Neighbor Totoro), or a teen witch with a talking black cat (Kiki’s Delivery Service).

While the stories stem from familiar old-as-time tales, like Ponyo to A Little Mermaid or The Secret World of Arrietty to The Borrowers, the worlds within Ghibli’s movies are so fully formed and detailed. In the fantastical Spirited Away, a little girl gets trapped in a spirit world where people turn to pigs and babies morph into fat mice, and that’s nothing compared to Porco Rosso, where a war veteran/bounty hunter is a pig.

The look of the hand-drawn creations reminds me of old school Disney movies, but with a slightly rougher edge that makes it’s more pleasurable (and adult-looking).

Studio Ghibli films work both for adults and children because of their dual dark and light nature. There are grand lessons to be learned about environmentalism and letting the forest be (Princess Mononoke), or being open to change (Spirited Away).

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Project Name :

Fan art Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki

Process :

Sketch, Photoshop, Graphic tablet