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I’m Vincent Belbari, 32 years old with a degree in Interior Design Studies, I’m from Normandy, France. As long as I can remember, I have always loved drawing. I also completed one year of training in Graphic Design Studies. I currently live in Singapore.

Years of experience / Digital Painting

Some books like 'The art of composing and framing' 'Color&light' from 'Jame Gurney' or 'Force Dynamic life drawing for animators' help me a lot to improve my skills in Digital Painting.

Facts about me

I love miyazaki movies!!! Every time a new Harry Potter came out, I re-read all books. If I could have an animal, it will be a monkey. I have travelled around the world more than 2 years. Some people say I look like 'Ross' from the series 'F•R•I•E•N•D•S'. And yeah, I love being me.

Fan art « Studio Ghibli »

Illustration, Personal work

Selected for the CFSL Artbook

Illustration, Personal work

Profumo, Paris

Commissioned work, Illustration

Character Design

Character Design, Illustration

Nexus Productions, London

Commissioned work, Illustration

Personal Work

Illustration, Personal work

The Little Prince

Commissioned work, Illustration

Museum of Melbourne

Commissioned work, Illustration

Character Design
My Process


Inspiration is the first step in any creative process. If you don’t have idea immediately, turn to what inspires you, imagery, nature, films, music... It can be anything. Once you have an idea you can start to gather images that reflect your vision.


Sketches are a quick way to create the basic composition of my illustration and an excellent way to quickly explore concepts. This is an essential step in my illustration process. It will save me time to work through concepts on paper before going to the computer.


Create my reference image. Some illustrators work only from their imagination. Others, like myself, work also from reference imagery. I can quickly find what I need online. For anatomy, sometimes, I like to photograph my own images as reference.

Digital Painting

I use Photoshop & Graphic Tablet. These are the basic tools you need to do digital painting. Everything else is a matter of creativity, clever work with tools, and some ingenuity. The same tools apply to mountains, feathers, and, well, anything.

Contact me

If you liked my work, please feel free to contact me. I am available for freelance work, small contracts or to work with a team of passionate creators.

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